How we conduct risk assessment

Our assesment mechanism is composed of three connected steps. Integration is very easy and fast. For more information, visit Documentions.

First step in our assesment is data collection. You should use our Restful API to upload customer's health data in a secure way. All the API calls are encypted to meet industry standards and privcay law requirements.

In the second step, uploaded data is collected, aggregated, and processed. Processing of data is conducted in the simultanous tracks: 1. Text reports are complied through our NLP algorithms to create quantitative data. 2. Images and scans are processed through our uniqe and in-house image processing system to generate risk indexes. 3. Processed data are combined and mixed to create quantitave indexes for each requested category.

In the final step, the data is served in Json format with requested categories. For each customer a detailed report is prepared where health risks are calculated and shown. The data is provided in an encrypted and secure method aligned with industry standards.

Helps you to:

  • Reduce operational risk by allowing you to have a 70%+ accurate projection on possiblity of health risk for your customers.*
  • Increase your ROI by adjusting risk indexes with amount of premium you charge for insurance plans.
  • Provide management with reliable source of information for decision making.
  • Enables automated procedures and reduces time-consuming manual HRAs.

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